Course Cards homepage

This homepage option shows courses as easy-to-read cards. You can set it by going to Your Settings > Preferences > Home link.


If your school has selected a custom start page such as the school dashboard or calendar this will not change. However, you can still visit the new Home page by clicking ‘Home’.

Each card links directly to the course and students will see important updates like new announcements and their tasks this week. Teachers, meanwhile, will see their follow-up tasks.

What you can do with the course cards: 

  • Only teachers can edit the course cards. This includes:
    • Switching the course cards color 
    • Giving your course a user-friendly name (contact your administrator for edit rights)
    • Course teachers are shown by name and image. For courses with more than 1 teacher, you can select which teacher will be displayed by editing the card. Otherwise, the first teacher on the list (alphabetical) will be displayed. 
  • The following options are available to all users - teachers, students, admins
    • Drag and drop to change the order of courses 
    • Find a course by using the 'Find courses' function - any user can do this
    • Reorder the course cards according to you preference. In the image above the course cards are ordered according to 'Last visited'. 
    • Unstar courses to hide courses that you are no longer actively involved in. This will move the course to the bottom of the page. It will also remove the course from the calendar and the course dropdown list.
    • Easily switch from Courses to Updates at the top of the page to see the update stream and task list for students. The task list shows the most immediate tasks while hiding tasks further in time. 

Teachers will see their follow-up tasks in the course. In the image shown, the teacher (Jenny Auster) has 3 follow-up tasks, which are visible in her task list on the course overview page.

A similar task list will be shown to students. They will also see tasks with no deadlines, while overdue tasks will be removed after 15 days. 

Watch the video (uploaded: July 2019)

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