Sjabloon toepassen op meerdere vakken

  1. Open the course you want to use as a template.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Course properties and features.
  4. From the cog wheel icon, select Apply this template.

  1. A page with different settings appear that allows you to decide whether to:
    • Apply the template to courses that have already had this template applied or to selected courses. The first option updates the course with new content and settings and will not duplicate previously added content, such as course elements, groups, planners and assessment items. The second option allows you to browse for the course or courses to which you want to apply the template.
    • Keep or replace the dashboards.
    • Select what to do with terms.
    • Change the course to regular (if they use an early-learner type).
    • Select whether to append new assessments and categories to the selected courses or apply template assessment record settings to the selected courses.
    • Clear dates in plans.
  2. Click Next step.
  3. Click Apply template.


To be able to use course templating in itslearning make sure that your system administrator has given you the rights as described in the Reusing Course Content by Using Course Templates document. 

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