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Courses are set up to teach a specific subject area, for example, 2nd grade math or AP Chemistry. Then, within a course, groups can be created for different periods or abilities. It is recommended that an organization creates a collection of rules that can be used when naming courses and folders in courses, as well as when giving courses friendly names that are easy for students to remember.  

Making a course

Making a course in itselarning is a pretty straight forward task.  When you are on the "Home" page, you simply press "Courses" on the menu, and then press the green "+" sign. 

A New page will appear, and you can incert the needed information

Give your course a name, define the organisation, and pick a color that you like.  Push "Create" and your course is made. 

Using templates

You can also choose to insert content to the course from other courses/templates. You do that by clicking the text that says "Browse templates". This will open a new window:

If you pick one of these templates, their plans and resources will be moved into your new course.

Choose wether to copy plan dates, and if you want a message when the course is created. Courses with a lot of resources copied from a template can take a few minutes to make. 

The course overview page

This is what an empty course looks like.  We will look at al the fatures on this page. Lets start with the course menu.

The course menu

OverviewIs the home page of your course. When you populate the course with plans, announcements and tasks, these will show up here. 
PlansThe planner page is the core of courses. You can use it to build theme plans, weeks plans etc. It links to the calendar, and most of your planning, and the students work, can be done here. 
Resourcesis the ‘filing cabinet’ of the course with the folders and resources of the course easily available.
Status and follow upContains the assesment record/gradebook and other reports like for instance individual learning plans.
360 reportsThe 360° Degree Reports allow teachers and tutors to quickly compare the progress of all students in the course to determine which students might need some additional help.
(More): ParticipantsIs where you can add/remove and group participants in your course.
(More): SettingsIs where you can edit the settings for the course
(More): Linksis where you can insert course spesific links. For instance you could link to wolfram alpha in a math course.
(More): Trash canWill show deleted files and plans. If you deleted something by mistake, this is where you find it :) 

Seeing the course as a student

Further along the course menu, you can see a small person. When you click this, you can choose to view the page as one of your students, or other avalable profiles. This can be a nice feature if you want to see what the course looks like from a 

students poit of view.


Quickly add a resource to the course

The green button makes it so you can quickly add a resource your course, without going into the plan or resource page. Note that this will not connect the resource to a plan, so you will have to manually add the resource to the plan at a later time.


 Announcements is a handy tool to give out information to all the course participants. You can welcome the students, share information, pictures and other resources. You can also schedule announcements. Simpy add text and a picture (or resource) and hit "Add announcement".

If you want to schedule it for a later date, press "options"

 comments makes it so noone can comment the announcement. a small buble with a line trough it will appear next to the name of the announcement.
 in multiple courses does just that - you can choose other courses where the same announcment will be shared.

Makes it so you can schedule the annoucment for a later time and/or date

Follow-up tasks

 Students will see a list of tasks (assignments, tests, surveys, custom activities) to complete. Instructors/Teachers will view "Follow-up Tasks" to assess.


List important events in a course, these are linked to the Calendar. You can also open the Calendar directly from the Course Overview page.

Latest changes

Any changes made by the teacher to the course will be reflected here.

How do I delete a course?

Deleting a course is something we wouldn`t want you to do by mistake - so we hid it a bit. 

Go to course settings:

Choose  and push the three dots:

Push "delete"

A new page will show up, where you press delete once more: 

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