The Rich Text Editor

The rich text editor is utilized throughout the platform – in plans, resources, and activities.  The rich text editor has features like a word processing program.

Within the rich text editor, users may type or paste elements from another location within the text box. You will notice the ability to edit text font, size, color, and format.

screenshot rich text editor

Bullets, numbers, tables, emoticons, foreign language symbols, and links can all be added using the rich text editor.  There is no spell check within the rich text editor.  Students can also have access to the rich text editor when submitting assignments and without a spellcheck, teachers can see unaltered responses from students.

To insert website links, use the link icon.  When inserting links, you can hyperlink to text, image, or merely paste the URL.
These icons provide an integrated audio and video recorder.  This tool is great for oral instructions or video messages.
A robust equation editor is provided.

The Embed icon allows you to paste a web link from platforms such as YouTube, Prezi, Padlet, etc.

When you paste a link, the editor will try to embed the content behind this link.  There are 3 possible outcomes:

  • Embed code can automatically be retrieved (via Embed).
  • There is no embed code behind the link, but the editor can build an object based on the metadata of the page.
  • No object can be created and the link will be added as a normal link.

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