Gradebook/Assessment Record Overview


Gradebook is a core tool for teachers to calculate and store grade information and distribute it to students online. 

(You might also see it as Assessment Record in your itslearning LMS if you have selected to use UK English.)

It can be found in the Follow Up and Reports (Status and Reports) menu. 

Gradebook lets you perform many different functions related to grading, such as:

  • Adding new and existing assignments to the Gradebook/Assessment Record
  • Specifying Gradebook settings 
  • Setting grade weights
  • Creating assignment categories
  • Filtering and sorting columns by variables such as student, groups, title and deadline
  • Exporting Gradebook/Assessment Record information as Excel and CSV files (click the ellipsis or 3 horizontal dots)

itslearning and Fronter 19 automatically grades tests, so you do not have to go through and grade each submission. It can also send grades to certain Student Information System (SIS) providers when this functionality has been enabled. 

Note: Check with your system administrator if this has been enabled for your school. 

The Grid

screenshot gradebook

The grid shows students within the course (rows) and the work that has been added to the course (column).
The course can be set up to use either Final Assessment or Overall Average (column is of a light green color). While the Overall Average is calculated automatically based on all the assessments throughout the term (or course, if terms are not used), the Final Assessment is entered manually by using the 'Add assessment' option.

If a 'Final assessment' is added to a term, this column will show up to the right after the student's name. Clicking on a student's name or picture will take you to a page with an individualized Gradebook view for that specific student. A teacher can use the search bar to easily locate an individual participant.  

The grid can be sorted by term, course groups, categories, deadline and title. The search bar can be used to easily locate an individual participant.

Gradebook columns

Student column

The left-most column contains the list of students enrolled in the course.               

 The name or picture in this column can be clicked to open the individualized Gradebook/Assessment Record for the specific student.

Overall average column 

Shows the overall average for each student in the course.

If there are multiple assessment scales, the overall average for each scale will be individually calculated.

Hover over the cell to reveal the full contents if the information shown does not fit within the width of the cell.

Assignment columns 

Every assessment in the Gradebook/Assessment Record will be displayed as a separate column. If there are categories enabled, they will be grouped into those categories. By default, the assignments will be shown alphabetically by title. 

Column headers

The title of each assignment will display on two lines in the column header cell.

If the title is too long to fit within the frame of the cell, it will be condensed with ellipses [...]. Hover over the cell to reveal the full title in the tooltip.

The assessment scale will show beneath the title of the assignment, and if the assignment is using score, the max score is displayed.

Additional feature documentation:

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Assessment Settings

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