Adding to the Gradebook/Assessment Record

Before reading this document, please read the Gradebook Plus/Assessment Record Overview.

Once you have checked/set up the Gradebook/Assessment Record settings and added terms, elements can be added to the Gradebook/Assessment Record.

To add an existing assessment or new column click the Add to Gradebook/Assessment Record green button.

  • Existing assessment: A user can add an assessment that already exists in itslearning but was not initially added to the Gradebook. Note: This option is not available if all elements that can be assessed are already included, and you don't have any existing elements that can be added. It will be visible, but disabled.
  • This option is only visible if there is an existing element in the Gradebook. 
  • New column: Add a new Gradebook column, with a title, term, category (optional) and scale. This is often referred to as "manual assessment". You can choose to set this column as a final assessment. If you are using terms, an admin must create a Term assessment in the "Terms" section of the admin panel before you can add final assessments in the Gradebook.  

When creating assignments, tests, and tasks, you will notice the option to add the results to the tool. If you choose to add an element to the Gradebook, you will select your assessment scale and the appropriate category and term.

Additionally, grades may be added directly from the Gradebook by selecting the ‘add assessment’ option.  This function will create a task.


Title your assessment, choose the category, and assessment details.  Once you save this assessment, you will be able to add grades for the assessment right in the Gradebook.  Clicking the flag in the upper left corner of the cell will give you the option to exempt the student from the assessment.


The Gradebook has four tabs: assessment, trends and progress, average and count, and assessment summary. You can access these tabs via the ellipsis on the Gradebook overview page. 

The Assessment tab shows all assessments that have been added to the grade book.  You will notice that you can filter by term, group, or category.  You may edit and delete assessments within the grade book.


The Trends and Progress tab provides an overview of performance trends and course progress for your students.  It provides the teacher with a visual representation of student performance, aiming to answer the following three questions:

  • What is the grade trend across time? Is the student improving or struggling?
  • What is the distribution assessment scores? Is the student performing consistently or erratically?
  • How is the student progressing on tasks? What progress towards completing mandatory course elements do these grades represent?


The Average and Count tab provides an overall average and summarizes the average for each category in the selected term.


The Assessment Summary helps you calculate the final average for multiple terms.  For example, the Semester 1 grade may be the average of Quarter 1, Quarter 2, and an end of semester exam.

Choose ‘Add summary’ to set up a new assessment summary.  Then, click on ‘Add calculation'.  You have the option to set up a calculation based on categories, terms, or another calculation.


Additional feature documentation: 

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Editing the Gradebook/Assessment Record 

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