Storage Distribution Report

The storage distribution report provides current and historical data on the stored files at itslearning.  It is possible to view it either at the site level, or by organization (school).  The report is updated daily. This information provides detail on where and what types of data are being stored across each school.

Storage is classified into six categories:

  • Courses: Any files in a course, even if the files reside in the course trashcan.
  • Users: Sent message attachments, uploads, portfolio files, recordings, etc.
  • Library: Any files added to the library.
  • Projects: All storage in communities or dashboards.
  • Trash: Any content that resides in a course, community or site trashcan until it is deleted permanently.
  • Common: Any storage that doesn’t fit into the above categories.

This report only shares the total amount of storage used (MB), not which files or types of files are stored.

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