MS Team Integration - setup


Please see this article for an overview of this integration.

Enabling the MS Teams integration for your site

You can enable the MS Teams integration by connecting your tenant on the Microsoft tab (under Admin>Edit global settings>Cloud services).

For the integration to work, consent needs to be given to the enterprise application 'itslearning MS Teams sync'. This can be done by the Microsoft 365 tenant administrator. If you have access to this account, you can simply click "Log in as tenant administrator".

If you do not have access to the tenant administrator account, the tenant administrator needs to install the enterprise application 'itslearning MS Teams sync' following these steps:

  1. Open
  2. Log in as tenant administrator
  3. Give consent to the required permissions by clicking 'Accept'
  4. You might get an error about redirecting to, but that can be ignored
  5. To check if the app has been added, go to and look for it under Enterprise applications.

When the app has been added and consent has been given, then you will be able to connect the tenant to itslearning by clicking 'Connect tenant' and logging in with a regular account on the Microsoft 365 tenant.

Control availability and default

It can be that only parts of the organisation want to use the MS Teams integration. Or maybe you only want users to be able to add the Course overview tab to existing Teams. To control the availability and the default behaviour, there is a default course setting and a user right.

  • The default course setting (Admin>Edit global settings>Set default course settings) is called 'Create Microsoft Team for course'. Note that default course settings only affect courses that are created from that moment onwards. 
  • The user right is called 'Allow to create Microsoft Team for course'. It can be granted to users via a profile or a policy. 

Default course setting

User right




MS Team created for each course, can be disabled by the teacher

MS Team created for each course, cannot be disabled by the teacher


Teacher can created MS Team for each course.

Not possible to create MS Team for the course.

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