Integrating OneNote with itslearning

Microsoft OneNote is a program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It gathers users' notes, drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries which can then be shared with other users on itslearning.

You can connect OneNote to itslearning using the LTI tool (Read more about accessing and using the LTI tool)

Adding OneNote

Step 1

First, register your LMS with OneNote. You have to sign in to your Office 365 work/school account and use the same email that you are using to connect to Office accounts and OneNote in itslearning. Teachers can do this without requiring admin set-up.   

This should redirect you to set up your OneNote account. Otherwise click OneNote to register your LMS. 

Or you can register by going to this page:

You will then be given registration details - a consumer key and a shared secret. Save these details - or keep the screen open. 

Step 2

Go to itslearning and select the course that you want to add the OneNote workbook to.  

Go to the Resources tab, or Activities in Plans and select LTI tool (in Activities)

You can also do this by clicking the green 'Add' button.

Add an appropriate title. A good tip is to use the same title as your notebook in OneNote.

You will then see two tabs, Settings and XML.  Select Settings. 

Copy the 'consumer key' into the field that says 'Application key'. 

Copy the shared secret from OneNote. 

The Hash algorithm is set at the recommended SHA-256, but for OneNote, click on the dropdown and select SHA-1.

Click Save. 

Your OneNote is now connected to the selected course.

Step 3

You will then be asked to sign in to OneNote. 

Once the page is created, your notebook will be added to the itslearning course page. 

Click through to set up your workbook, and even share it with another teacher by adding their email address into the 'Give teacher permission to use this class notebook' option. 

Once done you will get the link to open the notebook and your students in this course will also see the notebook. 

Watch the video from Microsoft: Adding OneNote to itslearning (using our older itslearning interface but the process is the same)  

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