When you open the calendar, you will notice three tabs – schedule, planner, and search. Within the schedule tab, you can view your consolidated calendars by day, week or month. On the left-hand side of this page, you will notice all courses and communities in which you are enrolled. Each course has a corresponding color for easier visibility. The events added to the calendar must correlate to a course, community or your personal calendar. Any events that a teacher adds to a course calendar will also populate on students’ calendars. 

When clicking on an event, a more detailed description will appear and the event can be edited. To add an event to the calendar, simply click on any date. Events can also be moved from date to date using a drag and drop technique.

Users can subscribe to calendars by clicking on the gear in the upper right hand corner. Events from a course calendar will also populate in the events block on a course dashboard.

The planner tab allows a user to view all course plans in one window. This view displays a selected week of plans.

The search tab provides a list of all events (past, present and future) from and communities in which a user is enrolled. The user may also search events using a specific timeframe or keyword

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