Personal Settings

By clicking on your name, parents will have access to a personal menu. It is in this menu that parents can get an overview of their children's work and behavior in class. What you see on your profile card is determined by the system administrator at the school. This includes the setting which will allow you to edit your profile. Refer to the system administrator at your child's school to see what permissions you have as a parent to change your settings.

Most parents have access to: 

  • Edit their profile (change photo, contact information)
  • Your children - See your child/children's profiles, behavior and progress
  • Your files
  • Your settings
  • Log out

Your Settings

Within your settings you are able to customize the platform, change your details or password, manage applications and mobile app. In addition you can change your alerts and email notifications. 

  • Customization: The customize itslearning option allows you to change the language, time zone, use a simplified navigation tree or simplified text editor, and enable accessibility mode. The itslearning interface is available in 18 different languages.
  • Alerts: Users have the ability to activate email alerts. It is key that if these alerts are enabled and these settings are activated.

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