Overzicht Individuele plannen (nieuw)

The Individual Learning Plans (ILP) is a powerful tool. Combined with the 360° reports and ePortfolio, it can assist mentors/teachers in providing insight and support to establish goals for each individual student, and involve parents in their child's learning.  

It has been updated and improved in 2020 to include: 

  • a visual midterm review option 
  • easier access to the ILP and its contents
  • easier tracking of student progress as previous plans can be seen in the same view
  • mobile access - you can now view ILPs on any mobile device

Watch this video before creating an ILP. (Custom templating is now available). 

How to get started with the new ILP:

  • To use the new ILP, your organization must have both the 'Use Individual Learning Plan' and 'Enable new Individual Learning Plan' feature settings turned on. Ask your system administrator about this. 
  • Create mentors - these are teachers who are responsible for groups of students (not necessarily class teachers). Mentors are responsible for creating the plans. 
  • To allow parents to contribute to the ILP, ensure that child-parent relationships have been set up and the parent portal enabled.

Midterm review

The new midterm review feature can be given with or without a grade. And, you can create one or more in each course. 

The midterm reviews will not be visible in the overall assessment record. It is also possible to assess multiple students at once.

The course teacher can access the ILP from "Status and Follow-up" in the course. Clicking on the Individual learning plan menu item will open a page with two tabs:

  • Current plans: A list of the course participants (students). For each student, the current plan will be listed. Clicking on the plan will open the student's detailed ILP page.
  • Midterm reviews: A list of midterm reviews created in the course. This is also where the option to create a midterm review is. In the case of using one itslearning course for each subject, this list will typically have only one or two items, depending on how often such a status should be written.

The midterm reviews will be displayed based on the date they are entered combined with the dates of when the ILP is valid. The properties can be edited for a midterm review. Note: The assessment scale is locked if at least one student is assessed.

Once created, you can start writing feedback (which is automatically saved). There is an assessment selector and a comment field available to give a descriptive and textual feedback.

Students can also input self-assessment which assists in their growth and understanding of their learning progress.


The ILP includes dates for when it is active. These dates are editable.  

If an ILP is published, it is visible to all users such as the student and parents. 

Multiple mentors may collaborate on an ILP which makes it a great tool for observations or progress monitoring. 

Now that you've gotten the overview, get started on creating an ILP. 

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