Creating Individual Learning Plans

The Individual Learning Plans is aimed at supporting an established process in schools that requires the collection of feedback from teachers/mentors as well as input from students and parents. 

Once a user has been added as a mentor, they will see a mentor option in the main menu.  This menu option will provide the mentor with the ability to set up and manage individual learning plans. This step-by-step guide will show you how.

1. Click on Mentor and select "Individual learning plans"

This will open a page with a list of the students under the charge of the mentor. The list is sorted by group. The mentor can manage the plans - create, publish, archive and delete. 

A student will appear on the list even if they do not have a plan assigned to them.

Any student who has more than one current plan will appear several times - as is shown in the image below. 

2. Create a plan based on a template

Select the students and create a new plan. You can choose between the default template or a custom template created by your Admin. If only one template is available, this will be automatically selected. 

To make the template available for the mentors in the organisation, it must be published. 

Templates can be edited and deleted. Deletion is permanent. 

Only users who have  "Supervisor management" enabled (either in their profile or via policy) can manage the ILP custom templates.

Plans can be created for an individual student, a group of students or the entire mentoring group. 

Note: Once a plan is created, it is no longer connected to the template it is based on. What this means is that any changes to the template will not be reflected or affect existing plans based on that particular template.

If a template needs to be disabled temporarily, it is advisable for the Admin to un-publish it, rather than delete the template.  

3. Viewing a plan

Clicking on a plan for a particular student will give you the detailed view for that student. 

The view contains a section for midterm reviews (related to the selected plan) and all plans for that student, sorted chronologically. Each plan can be opened for review. 

Mentors and teachers will always be able to see all existing plans for each student, with or without content. 

Students and parents can only see published plans. 

Template settings determine who (which role) gets to see which fields.

The midterm review will be displayed based on the date they are entered in combination with the dates of the plan. 

e.g. If a plan is valid from February 1 - June 30, the mentor will see any midterm review from all courses taken by the student in this timeframe. 

Easily navigate to another student from this view by selecting the name of the student from the dropdown menu on the top right. 

Multiple mentors may collaborate on an ILP which makes it a great tool for observations or progress monitoring. 

Students can view and write their own comments and self-assessment/reflections in the individual Learning plan. You can find more details on how students can optimize the individual learning plan tool in the student section by 
clicking this link

A parent can find the individual learning plans for his child in a content block on the parent dashboard. The content block will contain any current and published

*The new ILP tool was released on Feb 2020.

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