Het werkportfolio

Students may access working portfolios from the course menu.

There are four tabs within the working portfolio:

  • Elements: It is here that you will see an overview of all the elements in the working portfolio.  This overview provides a complete list of all course assignments and may then be transferred to the assessment portfolio as an artifact and evidence of learning.  Files, links, and notes may also be manually added to the working portfolio.
  • Tasks: This page reveals personalized tasks that have been assigned to a student from the learning objective progress report.  Students may also create personalized tasks within this menu.  This will add a task within the student’s task block, helping the student to prioritize and organize work.
  • Log: The log provides students with a space to blog about coursework.  The log allows others who have access to the working portfolio to add comments.
  • Learning Objectives: This tab shows all learning objectives that have been aligned to the course.  This menu is a legacy function and had been replaced by the learning objectives progress report.  This report can be found in the follow-up and reports menu.

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