In addition to the grade book and learning objectives progress report, teachers have access to other status reports.

Alignment Report

The alignment report details the number of times a learning objective has been aligned to course content. If there is content aligned to a specific learning objective, it will include the number of times it was aligned.

Clicking on the dropdown in the lower right corner of the tile will detail the elements aligned to each standard.

Assignment Report

The assignment report provides a list of all course assignments with student performance. In the assignment report, you can view the status of each participant on the different assignments, their grades, and whether they have submitted before or after the deadline.

Personal Report

The personal report details when a student was last logged in and an overview of course performance after selecting a student’s name

Progress Report

The progress report shows the progress of the participants, measured against the compulsory elements that participants have completed. ‘Not completed’ means that the participant has not completed all of the mandatory elements, while ‘Completed’ means that all elements are completed.

Tasks that are past their deadline are red, while tasks with a deadline within a given number of days are shown in yellow. A single gray bar in the activity progress represents the last mandatory activity. All tasks must green for a course to be completed.

It is also within the progress report that rules may be created for course completion. Choose the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner to access the course completion settings. 

There are three course completion criteria:

  • All mandatory activities: The participant must complete all mandatory activities for the course to pass the course.
  • A set number of mandatory activities: The participant must complete a given number of mandatory activities to pass the course. Enter the number of activities the participant must complete, in the number of activities field.
  • A percentage of the mandatory activities: The participant must complete a set percentage of the mandatory activities to pass the course. Enter the percentage of activities the participant must complete, in the Percentage of activities field.

The progress report uses a color code for activities that have deadlines approaching. In the field for the deadline warning you can enter the number of days in advance that the deadline warning should appear.


The summary provides completion status of all elements in the course (if they are read or completed).

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