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Using templates when making a new course

When making a new course, you can choose to insert content from other courses/templates. (From article: NEW: Courses - Making a course)

You do that by clicking the text that says "Browse templates". This will open a new window:

If you pick one of these templates, their plans and resources will be moved into your new course.

Choose wether to copy plan dates, and if you want a message when the course is created. Courses with a lot of resources copied from a template can take a few minutes to make. 

Apply a template to an existing course

  1. First find the course you want to populate with existing materials from another course
  2. Select this newly created course and navigate to Courseproperties and features in the 'Course settings' menu. (You will find Settings under More.)
  3. Click on Apply template. You will find this in the More Options icon represented by 3 dots in the top right corner of the page.
    screenshot apply template
  4. Click Browse for courses.
  5. Click Add on the course you want to use as a template (you can use the Show filter to display only your own courses, template courses, or all courses).
  6. If the template uses terms, you will now be given the choice of keeping the same terms or selecting new ones.
  7. Click Next step.
  8. You now see a summary of the changes that will be made to your course. Newly enabled features will be listed in the 'New features' section.
  9. Click Apply template.

Option to overwrite previously copied plans when choosing to reapply a template

itslearning provides an option for the course to be updated with all changes in the master template in previously copied plans. This option is by default disabled, as there is still the risk of overwriting content added by teachers in the courses based on this template. The option is "Overwrite previously copied  plans".  It can be turned on and off at any time.screenshot

Push a course template to multiple courses

  1. Open the course you want to use as a template.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Course properties and features.
  4. From the cog wheel icon, select Apply this template.

screenshot apply this templateA page with different settings appear that allows you to decide whether to:

  • Apply the template to courses that have already had this template applied or to selected courses. The first option updates the course with new content and settings and will not duplicate previously added content, such as course elements, groups, planners and assessment items. The second option allows you to browse for the course or courses to which you want to apply the template.
  • Keep or replace the dashboards.
  • Select what to do with terms.
  • Change the course to regular (if they use an early-learner type).
  • Select whether to append new assessments and categories to the selected courses or apply template assessment record settings to the selected courses.
  • Clear dates in plans.
  1. Click Next step.
  2. Click Apply template.

Share a course as a template

Select the course you want to share.
  1. Under More - click Settings.
  2. Click Course properties and features.
  3. Under Share as template, select the organisation or site with which you want to share the course.
  4. Click Save

    screenshot course settings

    screenshot share a course as a template

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