Sharing, creating and finding content in Library

Before you read this document - please read the Library Overview and the corresponding documentation on using the Library.  

The itslearning Library is optimized to save you time and reuse content, so you don't have to keep creating new content. It offers you a place where you can: 

  • manage content that is used in several courses
  • find and use content from other teachers or vendors (publishers)
  • share your own content with other teachers

(Check that Library is enabled at your organization. You can ask your system administrator.)

There are 2 ways to add a test or any content to the Library:

  • You can create it directly in the Library
  • You can create it in a Course and move it into the Library

Create content in the Library

Click the Add button in the Library and choose the kind of content you want to create.  screenshot add content to libraryThe Library is an example of our ‘Open platform’ product strategy. Click the ellipsis at the top right corner to see what additional tools are available to you.

Once you have created the content you can do the following: 

  • You can start sharing this resource with other teachers
  • You can add it to a course by searching through the Library

Add content into the Library

There are several ways to move content from a course to the Library.

Individual elements can be added by clicking Add to Library. If you collaborate in a course with other teachers, only the teacher who has added the content - for example a Page - can move it into the Library.

Note: If you can't create a type of content in the Library, you can't also add such content to the Library. For example, you can't create a Registration in the Library, so you can't add any registrations to the Library either.  

screenshot add to library


It is possible to add another teacher as co-author of a resource. If someone has added you as a co-author, the resource or content will automatically appear in your collection.

Note: If you are removed as co author, the resource will be removed from your collection as well.

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