Group Activity

If students are allowed to collaborate on an assignment, the teacher can enable the setting 'Students submit as groups'.

There are 2 variants:

  • 'Students create groups', where students can freely create their own groups by inviting other students in the course
  • 'Use course group', where students can select one course group they are member of. These groups are usually predefined by the teacher.

The assignment can be changed into a group assignment (or vice versa) until there is at least 1 submission.

Students create groups

When students are allowed to create their own groups, they can invite other students to work together on the assignment.

Until the student has created a group - or has chosen to work alone (submit individually) - it is not possible to answer the assignment.

To create a group, students can type in the name of the student(s) they want to collaborate with.

When saving the created group, invited members will get a notifications that they have been added to a group.

In the assignment itself, the group members are shown at the top of the page. It is now possible to start answering the assignment.

To add or remove members, a group member can click the Edit group button. This opens the same dialog as the one for creating the group. It is also possible to withdraw from a group.

Note that changing a group is currently only possible as long as there is no answer submitted.

Use course groups

With course groups, a student can submit using one of the existing course groups they are member of. These groups can be created and managed by the teacher.

Instead of 'Create your group', the assignment will show the button 'Select your group'. Clicking it will list all groups the student is member of.

As long as there are no answers, the student can select another group - if available - or choose to submit the answer on their own.


When being added to a group, the student will get a notifications under the bell. The same goes when a group member withdraws from the group.

There is also a notification when a student submits an answer on behalf of the group...

... or when an answer is saved as a draft

Assessing groups

In general assessing a group answer works the same as assessing individual answers. The teacher will be able to see the members of the group.

The assessment given on the answer will be given to all members of the group. It is currently not possible to give a different assessment for certain group members.

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