The Dashboard

The parent has access to much information about each child. You will notice there is information about the child’s profile, 

tasks to complete, course with grade book, lesson plan, etc. Parents also have access to an internal instant messaging and immediate notifications.

Parents are also able to see course events, which may include test dates, or other major events. Parents can subscribe to course events using RSS feed. The parent has the ability to view their child’s ePortfolio, learning plan, course tasks or personalized tasks.

The student’s profile also profiles an aggregated summary of information for users. This includes conversations, recent activity, grade book and learning objectives report.  

When looking at the course overview block, parents can access reports for each course by clicking on the icons.

  • Assessments provide student grades and averages.
  • Plans provide a detailed outline for what will be covered during a lesson. Parents have access to the information within the lesson outline and may view assignments and resources if enabled by the teacher. We encourage teachers to utilize the planner and include information in the lesson outline to keep parents informed.

  • The course report provides a detailed description for what a student has and has not completed. Elements within this list are not necessarily mandatory, but this gives a good indication as to what is and is not being looked at by a student.
  • The learning objectives report shows whether a student is or is not meeting specific standards. A teacher must align tests and assessments to specific standards to generate these reports

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