12-03-2020 - Informatie over het itslearning continuiteitsplan

Itslearning has implemented business continuity plans to minimize disruptions to our operations and to ensure that our services remain viable during the coronavirus outbreak and other potential crises that could affect our business, customers and society.   

Human resource management

Precautionary measures have been taken to prevent infections and minimize risk among our employees. We have plans in place for different scenarios going forward and each business unit has updated continuity plans for their responsibilities.

Processes and business functions

  1. Operations hosted in globally diverse locations which minimize the risk in case of sickness among employees. We have teams in Bergen, Boston and Oslo (+ back up in Denmark) 
  2. All Operations engineers have equipment for remote office access
  3. All on-premises environments are remotely accessible 
  4. Our cloud hosted solutions are remotely accessible 

Support and customer service

All of our tools used for providing customer support is cloud based and all support engineers have equipment for remote office access. Remote office access is used frequently by both our operations teams and support teams and should present no reduction in services.

Please contact your key account manager/itslearning support if you have any questions or plan to implement remote learning for your organization so we can make sure that the rollout is smooth and incident free. 


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