itslearning eLogin certificate expires April 29

The itslearning eLogin/Single Sign-On certificate used for signing and encryption in the Single Sign-On process with itslearning expires on April 29, 2022. Not all Single Sign-On setups utilise this certificate, and we are in the process of reaching out to all that are.

To keep Single Sign-On working without disruption, we need you or the administrator for your identity provider (IdP) to perform these simple steps:

  1. Leave the existing itslearning configuration as it is. This means using the old Service Provider metadata file (with old EntityID and old certificate).
  2. In addition to the existing itslearning configuration and old Service Provider metadata file, upload the new Service Provider metadata file and configure it exactly the same way as the old itslearning configuration. For example, if you are using ADFS, please make sure you set up the exact same outgoing Claims rules to share the correct information.
    • For the majority of the itslearning sites, the default metadata is available here
    • If you are using Identify Federations like Skolfederation (Sweden), SWAMID (Sweden), (Denmark), or HAKA (Finland), we are in the process of uploading the new applicable metadata to them so you need at most to authorise the appropriate entity ID in your IdP. 
    • If you are using Atomwide (London, UK), you do not need to take action.
  3. Confirm that you have done so by emailing your main itslearning contact.

Once these steps are done, the IdP will support both the old and new certificate so you can continue to login to itslearning without disruption after the old certificate expires on April 29 . If you need any assistance please contact your local itslearning team.

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