Important Information for Chrome Users (May 2021)

The next release of the widely used Chrome browser to version 91 is scheduled for 25th of May 2021.
 This release includes a change that could potentially affect extensions integrated with itslearning.

The change is to disallow all usage of native Javascript dialogs, such as 'alert()', 'confirm()' and 'prompt()',
 for all iframes with content from a cross-origin source. These dialogs are commonly used for popups such as seen when leaving a page with unsaved content, for example:

Graphical user interface, application

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Read more on the technical details of this change on the Chromium update website at 

This change means that all iframes that do not originate from the will no longer be able to display dialog boxes, potentially disrupting functionality for all third-party extensions added to an itslearning site.

To mitigate the effects of this change, all extensions used on your site should be reviewed and, where possible, reported to the app developer.
Any dependency on dialog-boxes should either be removed or alternatively changed to use custom dialog-boxes.
 Itslearning cannot do anything to mitigate the effects of this change, this will have to be done by the developers of the extensions themselves.


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