Instant messaging

itslearning offers multiple ways of sending messages so communication can take place efficiently and in real-time. 

One of the easiest is with the instant messaging system to send announcements and reminder. You can have 1-1 conversations, or conversations across courses, groups and projects. 

Key features: 

  • Messages between two people (or a group) are grouped together 
  • Just begin typing either the name of the student or course and itslearning will automatically suggest choices
  • Messages get updated live, enabling users to chat without reloading the page
  • User images and emojis can be added to create a more engaging conversation 
  • You must write a message in the message field before you can send files and attachments
  • See notifications immediately (a number appears beside the bell icon) 
  • Teachers can determine whether students are allowed to reply to a message. 
  • Students can send messages to one another in the course, while teachers and school staff can send messages to courses with more than 200 participants. 
  • A teacher can send either an individual message to each student or a group message
  • Click 'All Messages' to run a 'Search' through your messages.  You can also use the instant messaging function to send mass messaging. This link describes how to send a mass message.

Email alerts

It is possible to set up email alerts for messages. This is done from your settings in the personal menu. 

You must have an email address registered in itslearning. (Check with your systems administrator if you have the permission to add your email address yourself.)

You can also choose how often you want the notifications to show.

Star your messages

Click the star next to a message to favorite it, so that you can easily find again. 

The total number of messages you have 'starred' is visible in the bottom left corner of the full message modal. 

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