Classic to Modern FAQs

What are the reasons for moving over to the Modern UX?

itslearning invests a lot in new product improvements. Ours is a living platform that is continuously updated. All of these new tools are optimized mainly for the Modern UX platform. Also, the Modern UX is much more intuitive, both for students and teachers.

What benefits have organizations that have transitioned to the Modern UX experienced?

A large majority (over 70%) of itslearning users have already moved over to the Modern UX. From these users, we can see a 20% increase in system usage. This is mainly because the new system is more intuitive to use, and many functions are easier to access than in the Classic interface. The feedback from these users is that this is a positive change.


Will we lose any documents or information as a result from this upgrade?

No documents or information will be lost as a result of this upgrade. It is important to note how Course Dashboards function differently in Modern.

Note: For students, the course overview page now shows the latest updates, announcements, tasks and calendar events relevant to them. To give students a more consistent course experience, teachers can no longer create custom content blocks on the course start page and previously created blocks will be removed from the start page. Teachers who have valuable information in these content blocks should consider adding them as content using the Page, File, or Link elements or in the Planner.


Do we need to plan for any downtime when upgrading to Modern?

No, itslearning will continue to work throughout the upgrade and there is no need to plan for any downtime. All customers will have the Modern interface from July 31, 2020.


What will happen to our old Course Dashboards and content?

No content will be deleted. After the upgrade, we will move the content blocks on a course dashboard to a link in the courses (Course Menu > Links). That link will only be available to teachers and administrators in the course, but it will be possible for someone to view and copy content that was not moved prior to the Modern upgrade.

If Links are disabled from the "Course Settings > Course Properties and Features" page, this must be enabled to show the link

The links will only be visible for teachers and administrators. This page is not intended as a replacement for the old dashboards, and should not be used as such.

What will happen to the folders that we have created (the left menu)?

The old lefthand menu (folders) can now be found under the Resources Tab in the Modern UX. Again, no information will be lost.


Will my existing integrations continue to work after the upgrade?

Yes, all the integrations that you have set up will continue to work as before.


Should any changes be made to the site after the upgrade to Modern?

To get the most out of the Modern itslearning experience, we recommend that users land on the “Course Cards Homepage” when they first login. This setting is controlled in the Admin> Profiles. Staff and student profiles should have their ‘start page’ set to “Course Cards Homepage” after the transition to Modern.

Also review your “Policies” so that they do not override the start URL for a specific Profile.

Is it possible to request that we move over at a later date – after July 31?

Unfortunately not. All users will be upgraded on July 31 as itslearning will cease supporting the Classic interface from August 1, 2020.


Does itslearning offer any training on how to use the new Modern UX?

Yes, itslearning has a dedicated consultancy team which can tailor training packages to suit your organization’s needs. For further information on this, and to obtain a quote, please contact your Key Account Manager.


Who do I contact if we run into technical difficulties during or after the move?

Any technical issues relating to the platform usage should be reported to the itslearning Support Desk. You can contact the Support team via our homepage (


Who do I contact if I have questions further to this announcement?

If you have any further questions, please contact your Key Account Manager at itslearning.

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