Switching from Classic (old) to the Modern (new) itslearning design

The Modern interface introduces several changes that will make workflow more efficient and simpler. Navigation has also been simplified. It is also sleeker, faster and much stronger. Information on Migrating Course Dashboards in included below.

Most significant changes and benefits: 

  • The left hand menu disappears
  • Top of the screen is reduced
  • New course cards homepage along with information on recent updates, follow-up tasks and events
  • Course page now looks the same for everyone
  • Announcements and resources appear in a stream on the Course page 
  • Items in the left hand menu now appear under the Course main menu
  • Access your settings by clicking your name on the top right

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Detailed changes:

Layout and design

  1. Custom Skins and Themes are no longer included. These include summersky, space theme, intermediate skin and animal misfits.
  2. The breadcrumb and favorite menu has been removed.
  3. The left-hand menu/tree menu has been removed and replaced with a sub-menu under the main menu. 
  4. Hierarchy dashboards are now combined with Projects into a new "Groups" section.
  5. Child dashboards, your files & other left-hand menu items from "Your page" can now be found in your personal menu by clicking your name.
  6. "Courses" and "Groups" have a dropdown menu which allows you to directly select a course.
  7. The "Home" button / "itslearning" logo will now always take you to your preferred homepage which you have set in your personal settings. (Home link)

Hierarchy Dashboards

  1. Hierarchy Dashboards are now primarily meant for information purposes. Aggregated content blocks are no longer supported (e.g. Task List or Events). User-defined content blocks and plugins are still available.
  2. The "News" content block will always be present on the dashboard. It cannot be removed.
  3. The layout of the dashboard is now fixed to the old "Wide Left", and can no longer be changed.
  4. Content blocks have a streamlined design, without colored tops.

Course and Course Dashboards

  1. More space for your content! 
  2. Course page now looks the same for everyone. Students will have a streamlined user interface across all their courses. 
  3. The folder structure is there - just not in plain sight. The folders, files and materials are now available under the "Resources" tab in the top menu. This includes a tree-menu for viewing and managing course content. There's also a search box to help you find specific content faster.
  4. The following content blocks will always be present on the course page: "Announcements", "Latest Changes", "Follow-up tasks" and "Events". 
  5. Easy access to create content. Simply click the "+" to add an Event or "Add" green button which is placed for user convenience prominently at the top right. Created content will be added to the root folder.
  6. Course Friendly Names can be used for courses with long or similar titles to avoid confusion.  
  7. New task list helps students see in one glance what needs to be done when, as activities are prioritized by due date.

Your Students 

  1. Teachers will get a new section with information on their students.

Profile card 

  1. The profile card has been enhanced, with instant messages and an activity stream.


On July 31, 2020 all sites were switched over to the Modern interface. 

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