Using SimCheck to detect plagiarism in itslearning

SimCheck is a plagiarism service by TurnItIn. It replaces Ephorus which has been discontinued. As a user you will not detect any disruption - you will be automatically moved to SimCheck if your school has been using Ephorus. All previously submitted assignment answers will be added to SimCheck for future checks. 

If you prefer to have a hard copy, you can download this information in a PDF format instead which you will find at the bottom of this page.

Plagiarism in assignment

Once SimCheck is set up, teachers can enable plagiarism control on any assignment. This means that all submissions will be automatically checked for plagiarism.

At any time the teacher can decide to use plagiarism control for an assignment, but it will only be applied to answers submitted after plagiarism control has been activated.  

If a teacher wants to check an already submitted answer for plagiarism, it is possible to request a plagiarism report on demand as show in the image below. 

screenshot plagiarism report

The teacher will see Processing until a result is received from SimCheck. Results will be displayed as follows - OK or a match percentage to show how much of the assignment had been copied.

screenshot plagiarism status

When there is a match percentage, it is possible to open the plagiarism report. This can be done by clicking on the percentage in the All-In-One grader, or by choosing "Open plagiarism report" by clicking the 'more' [...] button.  

screenshot open plagiarism report

Plagiarism report

The report highlights the text in the document that is a match. SimCheck checks internet sources, their own resources and previously submitted assignments answers from their site.

screenshot plagiarism report

When clicking on a resource in the side panel, it is possible to exclude a source. This will update the plagiarism percentage in the report and will also update the plagiarism percentage in itslearning.

screenshot plagiarism sources

When there is a match on a document that was previously submitted via itslearning, the teacher can click 'Details' to see the name of the student, the course and the assignment where the text was previously submitted.

Note: This can be turned off by the itslearning system administrator at your organization.

screenshot plagiarism match

By clicking the gear icon, it is also possible to exclude specific types of sources ('repositories') and specific types of text (bibliography, quotes, small matches).

screenshot settings

Anonymous submission

For assignments with anonymous submission, itslearning will not show the student's name in the plagiarism report for the submission itself, but the name of the student will be shown in the report of another submission if there is a match.

Additional information is available on the TurnItIn help site


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