Add MS Teams plugin

System administrators can add MS Teams for the whole organization by following these 5 steps. 

1. Go to the Admin tab and click on Manage apps.

2. Open the Default availability tab and click the button 'Add plugin'. 

3. In the page that opens, you can decide who should have access to the plugin. This can be done in two ways:

  • When searching for a hierarchy, you can decide to select the whole site or parts of the site.
  • You can check which roles should be able to see this plugin. For example you might not want students to create meetings.

4. To select the 'Microsoft Teams Meetings' plugin, click 'Browse app library. In the window that opens, you can search for 'Microsoft Teams' or browse through the App library. Once you've found it, click the button 'Include this app'.

Note: Make sure you keep the checkbox 'Is enabled in a default location for each user who meets the criteria above' checked. Otherwise users will manually have to browse the itslearning App library and add the plugin themselves.

5. Click 'Save' to make the plugin available in the rich text editor, under the puzzle icon.




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