Reusing course content by using course templates

Do you have courses with content and structure that is reused from one term to the next? Do you want to create multiple courses based on a template course? Would you like to push updates from one course to other courses?

Well then, here's how you use this amazing shortcut to save time.

When you add new courses, you can use an existing course as a template and copy the content from the old course over to the new. 

Who can create course templates:

Administrators can create course templates that can be shared with the whole site or organisations within the site.

How does it work:

3 key site settings

To create courses based on a template and share a course as a template, your profile must have the site profile settings Create courses based on a template (enabled by default for staff and administrators) and Allowed to share a course as a template (enabled for administrators by default) enabled. 

Another setting, Allowed to apply a template to other courses, allows users with this permission to apply a template to one or more courses from the template course itself. The same template can also be used to update courses multiple times without creating copies of previously added content.

If Allowed to share a course as a template is enabled, you can share the course as a template from Settings >> Course properties and features. Courses that are shared as templates are indicated with 'This course is shared as a template' under the title on the course dashboard.

These elements are not copied over:

  • Participants
  • Pictures with description
  • Threads in discussions 
  • File versions and log
  • Explaining sequences
  • Proxy tools
  • Process-oriented documents such as assessments 
  • Shareable resources that are not shared such as Assignments, Tests, Pages, Links and Files

Now you are ready to share a course and do so much more. 

Share a course as a template 

Add/create courses based on a template  

Apply a template to an existing course

Push a course template to multiple courses 

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