Apply a template to an existing course

  1. First create a new course. 
  2. Select this newly created course and navigate to Course properties and features in the 'Course settings' menu. (You will find Settings under More.)
  3. Click on Apply template. You will find this in the More Options icon represented by 3 dots in the top right corner of the page.

    screenshot apply template
  4. Click Browse for courses.
  5. Click Add on the course you want to use as a template (you can use the Show filter to display only your own courses, template courses, or all courses).

    screenshot apply template
  6. If the template uses terms, you will now be given the choice of keeping the same terms or selecting new ones.
  7. Click Next step.
  8. You now see a summary of the changes that will be made to your course. Newly enabled features will be listed in the 'New features' section.
  9. Click Apply template.


To be able to use course templating in itslearning make sure that your system administrator has given you the rights as described in the Reusing Course Content by Using Course Templates document. 

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