Creating a Learning Path

There are currently two ways to create a learning path: 

  • From scratch
  • From an existing folder

Create from scratch

Create a learning path from scratch by clicking the green Add button and selecting 'Learning path' (under activities).

screenshot learning path

This approach works best when you already have the content you need in the course, the library or on your computer.

When creating a new learning path, there will by default be 3 steps, but steps can be added or removed.
screenshot new learning path

To each step, a single resource can be added.

Create from folder

This approach is best if you have collected content in a folder, or you have yet to create the content that you want to include in the learning path. You can first create all the resources you need in a single folder, and then turn it into a learning path.

This can be done by choosing 'Make learning path' under the [...] button when the folder is opened (see image below).

For each resource in this folder a step will be created. The resources will be in the same order as they were in the folder, but you can drag and drop to reorder them.

The option 'Make learning path' is disabled when:

  • the folder contains content that cannot be copied (e.g. hangman game)
  • there is content that already has results

By removing the results of a student, for example on a test, will 'free up' the activity again.

The option will not be available if:

  • the folder is a topic folder (created via the planner)
  • the folder is the root folder

Note: it is always possible to change a learning path back to a regular folder.

This will not affect the results that students might have on the activities on the path.

Once the learning path is created, you can start adding resources to the steps use the learning path builder.

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