Creating an ILP

Once a user has been added as a mentor, he or she will see a mentor option in the menu across the top.  The menu option will provide the mentor with the ability to set up and manage individual learning plans. 

There are two tabs within the ILP menu, Students and Set-up.  The set-up options allow the mentor to set up categories for the individual learning plan.  These columns can be set up so that they are only visible to, or may only be edited by, certain users.

Once columns have been created to fit the needs of the mentor, it is time to create the individual learning plan.  The Students tab allows the mentor to create and edit student ILPs.

The progress bar shows the user’s status towards completion of the ILP.  The codes are labeled at the bottom of this menu.

Once you create an ILP, you will be able to add content to the columns.  The default categories are as seen below: Skill, Goals, Task, Reflection, and Mentor note.  In this case, the student may only edit the progress and add a reflection.  The mentor must create the skill and goals for the student.

Notice that the ILP includes dates in which it is active. Outside of these dates, the ILP is only visible to the mentor.  If an ILP is published, it is visible to users such as the student and parents.  If the ILP is locked, then only the mentor may make changes.

Multiple mentors may collaborate on an ILP which make it a great tool for observations or progress monitoring.  Administrators may even set up an ILP for staff that is based on professional goals.  Notice in the image to the right, the columns are titled Standard and Indicator.  The teacher has a reflection column and the mentor notes are only visible to the mentor.

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