Course Properties and Features

Course properties and features allow the teacher to edit the course details and add terms.

You can change the name of your course and the color associated with the course.  Note that course names for those courses created through integration may not be able to be changed.

Terms are divisions of the school year in which your grades are organized.  These divisions may also be called semesters, quarters, or trimesters, for example.  Your itslearning administrator will have created terms for your organization to insert into a course.  If your course has been set up through an integration process or using a template, these settings may already be in effect.

If no terms are listed in your course, choose ‘add term.’  Then, select the appropriate terms for your course and select add.  If you do not see any terms listed, please contact your itslearning administrator.


  • Links: allows links related to the course to be placed in the links option of the menu.
  • Grade Book: enables the grade book function within a course.  (The grade book settings must also be checked.)
  • Learning objectives: allows for learning objectives to be applied and mastery tracked within a course.
  • Participants: allows course participants to see all participants within an entire course.
  • Files in course: enabling this allows you to include documents that you have created in other applications in addition to internet links.
  • Plans:  allows the use of plans within the course.
  • Follow-up and reports: allows participants to access their grades and reports.
  • Portfolio assessment: allows participants to create a portfolio from work within a course.  Also, enables the functionality of the recommendation engine.
  • Disable comments on bulletins by default:  this setting turns off comments on all bulletins by default.
  • Choose start page: determines the first page users will see when opening a course.

The permissions allow participants to withdraw from a course.  Also, this is where you would share the course to the site course catalog.  Teachers may not have permissions to add a course to the site course catalog.

Sharing a course as a template allows users to create a new course based on the template.  All elements within the template will copy over to the new course including the course settings, plans, and other course elements.

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