Plan Actions

Teachers can apply specific actions on selected Plans. 

It is important that you select the plan first before applying an action.


Actions include:

  • Activate (visible to students or parents)
  • Deactivate (not visible to students or parents)
  • Set date
  • Copy
  • Start or update sharing
  • Delete
  • Print

screenshot actions in plans

Set Date

Some teachers choose to connect plans to a specific event in the calendar or to create a plan that spans a longer date range. By connecting Plans to an event in the calendar, teachers are linking the plan and presenting it to students at a specific event. itslearning also allows different Course groups to have calendar events at different times. When course groups have their own events in the calendar, teachers can choose to connect a plan to each specific group's calendar events (class times for instance). 

The image below shows the options that a teacher will see when trying to connect a plan to a specific event for all participants, or to choose events that are specific for Group A or Group B. 

Screenshot plan actions options

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