Adding Standards/Learning Objectives to Courses

To track standards mastery and progress, you will need to align your course to standards (or learning objectives).


As a general rule, add all the standards/learning objectives that you will use in the course within a given year. However, you can always go back and add standards later. Remember though, the more standards that are aligned to a course, the more difficult it is to track mastery.

  1. In your course, navigate to the “more” option, then to settings.
  2. Chose learning objectives.
  3. From here, you will find learning objectives that have been loaded into the platform.  Choose “find” and navigate to the appropriate repository. The national repository will contain most state standards. In the US for instance, these include Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science and Social Studies Standards.
  4. Drill down and find the appropriate standards and then, insert the standards that will be used in this course.
  5. For example, if this is a Grade 1 Math course, you will insert all Grade 1 math standards (not specific strands.)
  6. Now, when you want to align standards/learning objectives to content or use them for assessment, these will be readily available to attach to Plans or Course elements.
  7. When you have selected the appropriate standards/learning objectives, choose “insert.” Note: If standards are missing, contact your system administrator.
  8. Users also have the ability to manually create or upload standards. Teachers may create their own standards to track within a course. These standards might be more student friendly or possible non-academic standards. Note: If standards are created within a course, they cannot be shared with others unless the course is shared as a template.
  9. An itslearning administrator can import learning objectives (standards) from an XML format. An Excel spreadsheet may be utilized to organize the information prior to converting to XML.

screenshot find learning objectives

Watch the video on how to add standards/learning objectives to a course 

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