How to create a course in itslearning

Courses are set up to teach a specific subject area, for example, 2nd grade math or AP Chemistry. Then, within a course, groups can be created for different periods or abilities.

If you have permissions to create a course, click on the courses tab in the menu and select "add". Next, decide what course type to use.

  1. Regular Courses are used when creating a course from scratch.
  2. You may also create a copy of an existing course template.
    • Depending on a school or district setup, courses may be pre-created for instructors.
    • Courses templates can be created also be created at the district level push out a standard model and resources to instructors.
  3. Courses with content from third parties, for example, Gooru content.

Next, complete the details about your course. The course name and will usually be indicated by your school or district.

Choose your organization – this should be the school in which you teach.

Then select save.

screenshot new course

You will notice that you are now on the overview page of your new course. The handy on-boarding tools should help you get started. Note: 'Bulletins' has now been renamed 'Announcements'.

screenshot course overview page

Watch the videos below to learn how to create a course or add a course by using a course template. 


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